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BENG HEONG SDN BHD opened its door for business for over 20 years with a view of offering the public, both local and out of towners a one stop shop for the much sought after Penang traditional confectioneries and biscuits. We have in stock an exhaustive list of not only the famous Tambun biscuit, or Tau Sah Pheah but all the other preserved fruits, candies and cookies which tourists particularly never fail to buy before heading home.

We have a team of knowledgeable staff who can help our customers choose the types of biscuits and pastries to buy which suit their taste preference and even if need be, offer some advice on the origin of the products. Hun Ming Trading takes great pride in our trademark customer service and the commitment in offering freshly baked traditional confectioneries and biscuits including Beh Teh Saw, Heang Pheah, Phong Pneah and Lou Por Pheah just to name a few Catering to the varied taste and preference of consumers, our abundant varieties of traditional confectioneries and pastries will surprise you.

BENG HEONG has in the shop pickled and cured nutmeg, pickled fruits, preserved persimmons, sugared tamarinds, coconut cookies and candies, rojak sauce (a prawn-based sauce), crispy banana fritters, coconut or durian dodol, crispy satay fish, roasted and sugared cuttlefish, sour plum syrup and lots more.

BENG HEONG confectioneries and other products are preserved at the highest level of quality and freshness and we offer excellent value for money to all our customers.

From dried fruits and candies to pastries and biscuits, come to BENG HEONG SDN BHD where you will be spoilt for choice and certainly get what you are looking for, as gifts for the folks back home or just for you to indulge.
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